Universal Select By

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3ds Max Script for Selecting Objects According to 6 Types :

Instance : will selected The Instanced objects by :

- Instanced Objects (I-Objects)

   - Instanced Materials (I-Material)

   - Instanced Modifiers (I-Modifier (Current Selected Modifier))

   - Similar

   - Wire Color .

* You Need to Press Instance Button to Activate this Buttons .

- Objects , Materials , Maps , Modifiers , Layers , and Properties , By Class or Name Or Faces or Bitmap Name .

- Note 1 : On Selecting By Objects you have Option to select objects by Face Count just type in the Text Field the Number of Faces and Press Select Button to Select Objects Larger than this number , OR Number and = for Exact Count , OR Number and < for Less Count .

- Note 2 : On Select By Properties the Options in this Section are to Select Objects only if The Default Property was Changed

(ex: checking Renderable and Pressing Search Button will Select All Objects that have this Property Turned Off) .


  • The Script was Slow when Selecting Objects , Fixed .
  • Add VrayBitmap Support .
  • Make Search By (Name/Bitmap Name) Ignore Case .
  • Export Global Array According to the Current Search .
  • Fixing and Enhancing Some Functions .

** Name of the Array will be Printed to Listener (USB_*) .

  • Some Functions Enhancement and Fixes .
  • Detect Slate/Compact Material Editor .


  • Remove the global arrays (from Previous Update) .
  • Add Property Editor (with Search Field) .
  • Supported Properties Classes : (float-integer-angle-time-worldUnits-index-radiobtnIndex-.mapping-boolean-material-texturemap-bitmap-filename-string-point3-arrays-color-transform-Bitmaptexture.coords-Bitmaptexture.output)
  • Add Counts for Class List Items .
  • Add [_All*] and [_Selected*] to Class List (* Depends on Current Category) .
  • Add [Position, Rotation, Scale, WireColor, Name] to Objects Properties , and [Name] to Materials/Maps/Modifiers Properties .
  • Add Ability to :
    • Increment Value , by checking [Incr.] Checkbox .
    • Randomize Increment Value , by checking [Incr.Rnd] Checkbox .
    • Randomize between 2 values [Randomize] Button , (You Need to Specify Min/Max Values in the Textboxs) .
    • Add Value to the old Value , by checking [Add] Checkbox , (if [Add] not checked , the new value will replace the old value) .
  • To increment grayscale color check [Incr./Incr.Rnd] Checkbox's and use a gray color as increment Value .
  • Renaming Objects/Materials/Maps will always add number at the end , (Except Modifiers You Need to Check Incr. to Add Number) .
  • You can start increment names from specific number by using "string|integer" in the Textbox . Example : New|25
  • Randomize/Increment Transform Can be Done in 2 Ways :
    • Normal Way : Point3 Value [X,Y,Z] or 2 [Point3] Values (Randomize Button).
    • [number|number] : for Fast applying [X,Y] Position,  [Z] Rotation, [Uniform] Scale .
  • Ability to change/clear property inside Arrays (You Need to Specify its Index)  .
  • No Spinners (Range Restrict), so all numbers should be typed in the Textbox .
  • NO Filter when picking objects (Pick Objects Carefully) .
  • don't use 0/1 to change BooleanClasses , You can use (True/False or On/Off) .
  • if [Keep Button] unchecked , [Apply to Selected] Mode will always apply the change to current selected objects when executing .
  • When Applying New Material/Map if it has Sub Property , a QueryBox will Ask to (Keep the old Material/Map) as it's Sub .
  • When Clearing Material/Map [By Class] , it can be Replaced with its Subs , (you can select more than one sub from the list (in selection order) , so the first selected one will be replaced if exist , if not the second and so on .. .

UPDATE 2.2 :

  • Add Ability to Rename by adding Prefix and/or Suffix :
    • Prefix : PreName|*
    • Suffix : *|SufName
    • Prefix and Suffix : PreName|*|SufName
  • The Script was switching to [Apply to Selected] when Pressing Clear Button on Object Mode , Fixed .

UPDATE 2.3 :

  • Replacing [Clear from (Scene/Selected Objects)] Previously "C" Button , with new Function [Remove/Replace] "R" Button , in Material/Map Categories ONLY , so Now you can replace Materials/Maps/Bitmap , [By Class/Name/Bitmap] , with another equal one , (with Option to Apply instances) , on [All Scene Objects or Selected Objects] .

*Thanks to 'Nawras Ryhan' for Requesting this Feature .

  • Error when working with Deleted Objects without Refreshing the script , Fixed .
  • Selecting by [Name/Bitmap Name] in [Apply to All Objects] Mode , was not working properly in last update , Fixed .
  • Add Version Number to The Script Title .

UPDATE 2.4 :

  • When Removing Materials/Maps [By Class] , it can be Replaced with one or more of its Subs (the Priority of Replacing is the List Selecting Order) .
  • Remove/Replace Material/Map [By Class] was not working Properly in Last Update , Fixed .
  • Removing Modifier [By Class] was not working properly in Last Update , Fixed .

UPDATE 2.41 :

  • Error when Creating New View in SME if its Name already exist , Fixed .
  • Wrong UI on Scaled Screens , Fixed .

UPDATE 2.42 :

  • Error when Using [Apply to Selected] and Changing [Keep] Button State , Fixed .

UPDATE 3.0 :

  • Add MacroRecord Function to get the Property Name.
  • Add Graph Function + UI as a new way to Distribute the Values.
  • [Select By Modifier] Error when Changing property, Fixed.
  • [Select By Layer] Error when selecting a layer from [Layer List], Fixed.


  • [Select By Materials] Error when Selecting [Autodesk Materials] and Changing Property, Fixed.
  • [Select By Maps] Error when Selecting [Autodesk Map], Fixed.
  • Regarding the Different Properties of each [Autodesk Materials], I Add each Type of them to the Materials List [By Class] Like (Generic, Brick, Metal...), in Addition to the [Autodesk Material] List Item, which Select All Types, but has no Properties.
  • Add Ability to Clear a property (bitmap - ies file...) with Right Click on the [Browse Button] (in previous version it can be replaced but not removed).


  • Add Maps Function [M Button] as a new way to change the values (Same as Graph but from Map/Bitmap Color).
  • When Replacing Old Material/Map, Add Option to Put the Old Material/Map as Sub of the New (if possible).
  • Pressing [Refresh] Button while [Apply to Selected] is Active Gives Error, Fixed.
  • [MacroRecorder] Button was Visible when switching to [Properties] Tab, Fixed.
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Universal Select By

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